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School Playgrounds Are Evolving

Elementary School Playground EquipmentThe numerous school incidents that have occurred across the nation over the past decade or so have completely changed the atmosphere of educational institutions.

Rules and regulations governing schools are more stringent and an increased emphasis has been placed on the overall safety of the students.

Today, schools seek to restrict students to school grounds and to provide them with a safe learning and activity environment.

The recreational area and school playground equipment contained within are a vital part of this formula because this area provides a necessary therapeutic oasis for students where they can relax and get physical exercise and even further mental stimulation.

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Traditional school playground equipment consisting of narrow metal slides and wooden-seated swings has become outdated.

Not only are such units dangerous with their sharp edges, rusted surfaces and splintered textures, but they also do not adequately meet the growth patterns of today’s children.

Due to a vast change in diet over the past several decades, many children today are larger both in height and mass and more readily tax school playground equipment structures.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, obesity in children has doubled in the past three decades and, as of 2012, over a third of children are now considered obese. This means that sturdier school playground equipment is required to meet such student weight increases in order to keep everyone safe.

In neighborhoods without a park or playground, the incidence of childhood obesity increases 29%.” ~ KaBooM

The school playground equipment offered by Pet and Playground Products is made of high quality materials, 70 percent of which are reclaimed, and are specifically designed to meet current licensing regulations and strict safety standards set by today’s authorities.

Our commercial playground equipment is sturdy and made to endure the rigors of active school children.

School Playground Amenities

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Besides being safe and tough, our school playground equipment also comes in a variety of attractive shapes and colors that draw the attention of children.

We also offer a variety of playground amenities that compliment the school-ground, including exercise equipment and park furnishings such as picnic tables. These can be mixed and matched to create a stimulating, healthy and enjoyable atmosphere.

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