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Commercial Play Structures

Commercial Playground Equipment are Play Structures designed with both safety and fun in mind and able to handle large volumes of traffic.

It is intended for use in outdoor spaces such as public parks, fast food restaurants, school playgrounds, daycare facilities, apartment playgrounds and churches.

Fun, Safe and Visually Aesthetic

Commercial Playsets
Commercial Playground Equipment use has increased in demand dramatically over the past decade.

As communities grow, people expect to have fun, safe and visually aesthetic environments to which to take their children for enjoyable outings. Therefore, the days of dull and often dangerous commercial playground equipment made of sharp metal, splintering wood and frayed ropes are disappearing.

Commercial-Grade Quality

Commercial Grade Playground Equipment

Traditional Commercial Playground Equipment has been replaced with durable, smooth plastics.

These new materials are designed to meet stringent licensing requirements and safety standards set by Federal, state and local bodies.

Today’s plastic Commercial Playground Equipment is not only safer and more durable than its predecessors, but the plastics used can also be molded into a wide range of shapes providing playground items which come in a variety of vibrant, attractive colors.

Playground Equipment like what is offered by Pet and Playground Products™ meets the safety and aesthetically pleasing qualities that concerned parents and property owners expect while also providing a much broader range of play station and playground amenities.

Commercial vs Department Store

Commercial Playground Sets

Our products are of a significantly higher quality than those found at popular department stores like Wal-Mart.

Also, not only are traditional items like swing sets and slides available, but more creative play items such as shelters, learning play sets, playhouses and other specialty structures can be included in the playground environment.

The diverse selection of Commercial Playground Equipment also creates an atmosphere that is much more positive for children. The physical and entertainment capacity is significantly increased, providing a healthier atmosphere in which young bodies are benefited.

Young minds are also more readily involved since many Pet and Playground Products™ incorporate learning systems within them, including math, so that children can learn while enjoying their recreational time outdoors.

Who Needs Commercial-Grade Play Structures?

Commercial Play Structures
Our commercial grade equipment is the perfect site amenity for municipal parks, school playgrounds, church play areas, apartments and multifamily properties, daycare facilities and any other outdoor environment.

Browse through the safe, durable and entertaining commercial playground equipment offered by Pet and Playground Products™ and contact Bob Hansen at (866) 398-3992 for assistance.

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