Daycare & Preschool Playground Equipment

Preschool Playground Equipment
PPP™ provides Preschool and Daycare Playground Equipment designed to be safe, educational and entertaining. (866) 398-3992

Preschool & Daycare Services

Economic stresses within society have made it more necessary for both spouses to hold jobs in order to meet growing demands on family units.

A large number of working adult couples have small children that require preschool and daycare services.

Parents expect to deposit their children at centers that meet certain important criteria such as safety, educational stimulation and entertainment.

Proper Daycare Playgrounds

Daycare Playground Equipment

Proper daycare & preschool playground equipment sits at the top of concerned parent lists.

Older styles of daycare playground equipment are notorious for having rusty and sharp metal surfaces or wooden platforms that cause splintering. The last thing a parent wants is to be interrupted at their place of employment by a call telling them that their young child has been injured and needs medical attention.

To reduce such unfortunate incidents, daycare centers can install new generation daycare playground equipment that is made of safe and durable plastic.

Units offered by Pet and Playground Products fit the bill since all of our daycare playground equipment is made from quality grade materials that conform to current safety and licensing standards.

Daycare Playground Options

Daycare Play Equipment

We can rapidly ship our daycare playground equipment to customers and even have it professionally installed through our installation service network.

Optionally, most of our preschool and daycare playground equipment can be a do-it-yourself project.

You can create a fun environment that is safe as well as physically, mentally and visually stimulating by erecting high-quality slides, swing sets, playhouses, specialty structures, picnic tables and more.

Pet and Playground Products also offers educational units that can help budding minds begin to grow and expand.

Perfect For Daycare Centers

Playground Equipment For Daycare Centers

Young preschool children are extremely tender and the plastic materials, strong and sturdy structures, vibrant colors and intriguing shapes contained by our daycare playground equipment make them the perfect choice for responsible daycare businesses.

In no time, your daycare center can become a top selection for choosy parents.

Contact Bob Hansen, National Account Manager for assistance planning your next Daycare or Preschool Playground.

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