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Dog Poop Disposal

Dog Poop Bags BulkDog Poop Disposal is the collection, temporary containment and eventual removal of Pet Waste from a publicly shared environment.

This includes parks, neighborhoods, apartment properties and businesses that provide dog-related services, such as veterinarians and dog-groomers.

Dog Poop Disposal Products & News

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Dog Poop Bags Benefit Everyone

Dog Poop Solutions

Why spend money on landscaping if it’s covered in Dog Poop? No one wants to play or walk through an area that is littered with pet waste.

An undesirable property is a less valuable property.

A proactive Dog Poop Disposal program or initiative makes your property safer and more enjoyable for everyone:

  • Protects the environment
  • Helps shield children, tenants, or property users from disease
  • Improves the functionality, appeal, and value of your property

Dog Poop Clean Up & Disposal

Dog Poop Clean Up & Disposal

Cleaning up dog poop is an essential and inexpensive way to help prevent disease and dramatically improve the appearance and usability of any environment.

After your pet finishes their “business”, simply open a fresh poop bag, insert your hand, and pick up the poo without fear of coming in contact with your pet’s waste. Turn the poop bag inside-out, tie it shut, and get on with YOUR business.

This method addresses the 3 biggest challenges of pet waste disposal:

  1. Speed
  2. Convenience
  3. Hygiene

Dog Poop Removal Solutions

Pet Waste Disposal

Pet and Playground Products™ provides real solutions for your Pet Waste problems by providing a complete line of Dog Poop Disposal products, including:

Dog Poop Disposal Systems
Dog Poop Bags
Dog Poop Signs
Dog Poop Bag Dispensers
Dog Poop Trash Cans
Dog Poop Bag Holders
Dog Poop Stations
Dog Poop Receptacles
Replacement & Component Parts

Dog Poop Bags Encourage Proper Disposal

Dog Poop Pick Up

Encouraging dog poop clean up becomes much easier when dog walkers have access to Dog Poop Bags and waste receptacles in key areas of a property.

Dog Poop isn’t just a nuisance. It pollutes our water, spreads disease to humans, and ruins the appeal and usability of outdoor environments.

Dog Poop Impacts the Environment

Multiple studies by the EPA, CDC, and other authorities have shown that Dog Poop contributes to pollution in the watershed and groundwater.

One study found that nearly 20% of the bacterial pollution in a watershed area is related to dog feces.

Dog Poop Spreads Disease

Our Dog Poop Bags provide the first line of defense against unhealthy and unsightly pet waste.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 55,000 people die each year due to animal related viruses, with most deaths attributable to dogs.

Additionally, Dog Poop can carry Zoonoses, diseases that can spread from animals to humans. Some of the many examples of diseases that are carried in pet waste are E. Coli, roundworms, Salmonella, and Leptospirosis.

When it comes to Dog Poop Disposal, having readily available Dog Poop Bags (just after your dog has pooped) makes this task much easier.

Advantages of our Dog Poop Bags

Dog Poop Disposal SystemsOur Dog Poop Bags are:

  • Biodegradable
  • Available in bulk quantities
  • Brown opaque colored (Who wants to SEE the poo?)
  • Dependable

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

Our biodegradable dog poop bag, or “oxo-biodegradable” to be more specific, contains a special additive that enables our poop bags to degrade in only 1 to 2 years, instead of hundreds or thousands of years like conventional plastic bags.

All that is left is water, CO2, and biomass making them GREAT for the environment! Visit for more details.

Dog Poop Bags in Bulk

Our Dog Poop Bags are sold by the roll or in bulk quantities, making them a great value. In some instances, our pet waste bags are less than HALF the price of competitors!

Poop Bag Dependability

Our Dog Poop Bags are designed and constructed so that they resist tearing, don’t stick together, and are easy to open.

Pet and Playground Products™ manufactures its Dog Poop Bags in the United States. Our satisfied customers include pet owners, park property managers, and providers of veterinary and other dog-related services.

Make your online purchase today or contact Bob Hansen with Pet and Playground Products™ and learn how we can help with your dog poop problems. (866) 398-3992

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