Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Welcome to the Grown-Up Playground

A comprehensive line of commercial-grade outdoor fitness equipment ideal for outdoor gyms, fitness parks, and playgrounds, our products feature attractive steel construction, vandal resistant housings, and marine-grade plastics. Outdoor fitness equipment positively impacts landscapes with modern, attractive, outdoor fitness amenities that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Facility Benefits

  • Attractive: Recruits new patrons and exhibits facility’s commitment to health
  • Economic: Low installation costs, eliminates costly indoor utility fees, provides options for revenue generation through trainers
  • Diverse: Encourages a wider variety of users and builds positive community equity

In addition, our custom exercise/supervise zones allow adults and children to get the most out of their days. Parents can maintain their fitness regimen, kids can play outdoors while being supervised, and everyone has a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle. Learn more about our Exercise While You Supervise program today!

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