What We Do:

Our focus at Pet and Playground is to be a turn-key solution for our clients when it comes to all things recreational. We want to be involved from conception to completion of your project and aid you in visualizing how to best suit the needs of your residents while also increasing property value. Let us help you invest in your property today!

Below are some of our completed projects that showcase what we are capable of doing for our clients.

Court Re-purposing

Conyers, Ga.

Conyers, GAConyers, GA

The above project was one of our first endeavors in the re-purposing space. The client had a double tennis court that sat at the entrance of their property and had gone unused for some time. As you can see from the picture, it was damaged in some areas and in desperate need of attention… Not something any apartment manager wants prospective residents to see when they first arrive on the property.

The client told us their problem and we offered a solution! We tore out the court, installed sod and irrigation, dog park equipment, and a walking track around the perimeter to create a beautiful dog park on their property. Now when prospective residents drive into the complex, the first thing they see is a wonderful recreational area for pet owners that live there!

Houston, Texas


Here is another example of a court that had not been used in some time. Like the one above, it was situated near the entrance of the property and quickly becoming a possible deterrent to prospective residents. The client contacted us and we quickly got to work on a solution that fit their needs. We demolished the posts, net, border, and hauled away the sand to get the space ready for the next phase. Once the demo work was complete we laid sod, installed fence, agility equipment, and site amenities to create an awesome dog park that is also pleasing to the eyes of anyone who comes to the property.

Antioch, Tennessee


This client had a tennis court that had fallen into disrepair. After contacting us and explaining their needs, we were able to resurface their tennis court, paint a walking track around the perimeter, and install a playground in the center with Poured-In-Place safety surfacing around the play-set. Now parents can enjoy a walk around the track and never have to worry about their children being out of sight! The residents could not be happier and our client has a beautiful new outdoor recreational location on their property.


Spanish Fort, Alabama

Spanish FortSpanish Fort

We installed a new playground, our Kowaliga play-set, along with curved border timbers and rubber mulch for safety surfacing on the client’s property. The end result was a brand new play-set for all to enjoy! We also installed a picnic table with cover in a different location on the property. We do so much more than dog parks and playgrounds! We are also your one-stop shop for site amenities, shades and shelters, and many more outdoor recreational products.

Prattville, AL

Kansas City

This last project was a playground installation for our client’s property. We installed the play-set, border timbers to keep the safety surfacing contained within the use zone of the playset, and engineered wood fiber (EWF) for safety surfacing to to create a play area for the children at this property.

Outdoor Recreational Spaces

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City

Here is an excellent example of an outdoor recreational space we worked on. Our client had an empty area on the property and asked what we thought; we gave them a few options and began work once they made a decision. We poured a concrete pad, installed two custom grill islands, a pergola, and two picnic tables in order to create an awesome outdoor space for residents to cook out and enjoy!

Alpharetta, GA

Kansas City

Here is another outdoor lounge area that we are proud to show off! Here we installed a pergola, custom grill island, three picnic tables, and two umbrellas to create a relaxing exterior getaway for residents to entertain and unwind.

Dog Parks

Norfolk, VA

Kansas City

Our client at this property had a lush green space that was going unused. They approached us with a vision for a dog park and we made that a reality for them! We installed aluminum picket style fence with puppy panel at the bottom and dog agility equipment throughout the newly created park.